• “My career has differed from that of most women.  Some things I have done have shocked persons for whom I have every respect.”

    Loreta Velazquez
  • “A woman labors to fight her own way in the world, and yet, she can often do things that a man cannot.”

    Loreta Velazquez
  • “I was, despite my Spanish ancestry, an American, heart and soul.”

    Loreta Velazquez
  • “The way to keep a secret, is not to tell it to anybody.”

    Loreta Velazquez
  • “War fare inevitably breeds corruption”

    Loreta Velazquez
  • “What a fearful thing this human slaughtering was.”

    Loreta Velazquez

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Rebel is a film that continues where Ken Burns‘s Civil War Series left off. In a labor of love that took her twelve years to complete, Agui Carter has created a must-see detective film about a woman, a myth, and the politics of national memory.”

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By Elia Esparza


“Rebel” Premieres on PBS as Voces Special
Posted By Eesparza On April 22nd, 2013 04:25 PM | Film

Broadcast Premiere: Friday, May 24, 2013
(Please check local listings)

PBS, as a special part of Latino Public Broadcasting’s (LPB) award-winning series
Voces will premiere the documentary Rebel, a 60-minute film by Maria Agui Carter(Director/Producer/Writer).

Rebel, a feature documentary about Loreta Velazquez, secret soldier of the American
Civil War who fought for the Confederacy and then spied for the Union, is a lush
dramatic period piece set in the 19th Century. Loreta, a Cuban immigrant who thrived in
the bustling Latino community of 19th Century New Orleans, left a memoir about her
experiences so ahead of her time that many have considered it a hoax. But in the past
decade, historians have discovered documents in the National Archives, newspaper
articles, and letters showing that Loreta Velazquez did indeed exist, and was one of
over a thousand women soldiers who fought for the North and the South.
Rebel, is a co-production of Iguana Films, LLC and the Independent Television Service
(ITVS), in association with WPBT/Miami and Latino Public Broadcasting with funding
provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB).
For more information, please visit www.facebook.com/Rebel.
documentary andwww.facebook.com/pages/VOCES/108544165919
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One hour version of REBEL as broadcast on National PBS for personal use.


One hour teacher’s version of REBEL with audio/visual screening license.


75 min. feature Director’s Cut is available for theatrical and community screenings. Contact info@iguanafilms.com.