• “What a fearful thing this human slaughtering was.”

    Loreta Velazquez
  • “The way to keep a secret, is not to tell it to anybody.”

    Loreta Velazquez
  • “War fare inevitably breeds corruption”

    Loreta Velazquez
  • “My career has differed from that of most women.  Some things I have done have shocked persons for whom I have every respect.”

    Loreta Velazquez
  • “I was, despite my Spanish ancestry, an American, heart and soul.”

    Loreta Velazquez
  • “A woman labors to fight her own way in the world, and yet, she can often do things that a man cannot.”

    Loreta Velazquez

Master Class and REBEL Screening in Philadelphia


Master Class – María Agui Carter: Moving Our Stories from the Margins to the Center

Tuesday, January 27th, 4-6PM

Workshop Location:
Scribe Video Center
4212 Chestnut Street, 3 FL.

Philadelphia, PA 19104

Filmmaker, Scholar and media activist María Agui Carter’s films navigate the tension between national and community narratives, and explore the politics of race and gender in telling story. Using her latest film REBEL, winner of a 2014 Erik Barnouw Award for best historical film in America as a case study, she will discuss imaginative ways of creating compelling documentary with limited material (for REBELshe had one photo), and share her process in fundraising for, producing, and getting distribution for films that place characters from the margins into the center of American media, as well as discuss her latest works in progress.

Followed by REBEL screening at the International House

Tuesday, January 27th, 7PM

International House
3701 Chestnut St
Philadelphia, PA, 19104

Shrouded in mystery and long the subject of debate, the amazing story of Loreta Janeta Velazquez, a Confederate soldier turned Union Spy, is one of the Civil War’s most gripping forgotten narratives. This Cuban immigrant was in combat 150 years ago—one of the estimated 1000 women who secretly served as soldiers during the American Civil War. Rebelis the story of a woman, a myth, and the politics of national memory.

More info:

Master Class: http://scribe.org/workshops/masterclassmar%C3%ADaguicartermovingourstoriesmarginscenter

Screening: http://scribe.org/events/screeningrebel



One hour version of REBEL as broadcast on National PBS for personal use.


One hour teacher’s version of REBEL with audio/visual screening license.


75 min. feature Director’s Cut is available for theatrical and community screenings. Contact info@iguanafilms.com.