• “War fare inevitably breeds corruption”

    Loreta Velazquez
  • “My career has differed from that of most women.  Some things I have done have shocked persons for whom I have every respect.”

    Loreta Velazquez
  • “A woman labors to fight her own way in the world, and yet, she can often do things that a man cannot.”

    Loreta Velazquez
  • “What a fearful thing this human slaughtering was.”

    Loreta Velazquez
  • “The way to keep a secret, is not to tell it to anybody.”

    Loreta Velazquez
  • “I was, despite my Spanish ancestry, an American, heart and soul.”

    Loreta Velazquez

María Agui Carter, Keynote Speaker for Utica College’s “In Celebration of Women” Luncheon








The K. Della Ferguson Womyn’s Resource Center at Utica College will host its annual “In Celebration of Women”  luncheon to commemorate National Women’s History Month.

The luncheon will be held Tuesday, March 3 from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the college’s Library Concourse. The theme for this year’s event is “Weaving the Stories of Women’s Lives.”

A weaver of stories herself, filmmaker and scholar Maria Agui Carter will provide the keynote address. Carter’s keynote will focus on the need to bring the stories of women from the margins of our world into the center. She will also discuss her recent film Rebel, the story of a young girl who fought alongside male soldiers during the civil war. An award-winning producer and director, Carter’s films often center on the unique stories of women. One of her recent documentaries, No Job for a Woman; a film about female war correspondents, was featured at the UN Women’s Film Festival. Carter will host a screening of Rebel at 6 p.m in Macfarlane Auditorium, DePerno Hall.

Both the luncheon and the film screening are open to the public. Tickets to the luncheon are $15 for the general public, $10 for UC faculty and staff, and free for UC students. Admission to the film screening is free. The Library Concourse is located on the lower level of the Frank E. Gannett Memorial Library.

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While visiting Utica College, María Agui Carter spoke with Professor Chris Fobare’s The Civil War and Reconstruction class regarding her film, REBEL.




One hour version of REBEL as broadcast on National PBS for personal use.


One hour teacher’s version of REBEL with audio/visual screening license.


75 min. feature Director’s Cut is available for theatrical and community screenings. Contact info@iguanafilms.com.