• “What a fearful thing this human slaughtering was.”

    Loreta Velazquez
  • “I was, despite my Spanish ancestry, an American, heart and soul.”

    Loreta Velazquez
  • “War fare inevitably breeds corruption”

    Loreta Velazquez
  • “The way to keep a secret, is not to tell it to anybody.”

    Loreta Velazquez
  • “My career has differed from that of most women.  Some things I have done have shocked persons for whom I have every respect.”

    Loreta Velazquez
  • “A woman labors to fight her own way in the world, and yet, she can often do things that a man cannot.”

    Loreta Velazquez

The Boston Globe

“Maria Agui Carter’s feature documentary, “Rebel” explores… how history censors and denies inconvenient truths.”

Boston Globe, July 20, 2013

By Loren King


What’s on tap at this year’s Woods
Hole Film Festival

JULY 20, 2013

New England is well represented, on the screen and behind the camera, in the 22d annual Woods Hole Film Festival. Running this Saturday through Aug. 3, the oldest film festival on Cape Cod, which has long championed regional works, again offers an impressive slate of narrative features, documentaries, and shorts from both established and emerging filmmakers.

A former staff producer for WGBH, María Agui Carter made documentaries for “La Plaza.” Her feature documentary, “Rebel” (July 28, 7 p.m.), chronicles Loreta Velazquez, a Cuban woman who disguised herself as a man to serve as a soldier and spy during the Civil War. Critics dismissed her 1876 memoir as a hoax. “Rebel” explores the other secret women soldiers in the Civil War, as well as how history censors and denies inconvenient truths.

Go to www.woodsholefilmfestival.org.

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One hour version of REBEL as broadcast on National PBS for personal use.


One hour teacher’s version of REBEL with audio/visual screening license.


75 min. feature Director’s Cut is available for theatrical and community screenings. Contact info@iguanafilms.com.