• “The narration, re-creations, and acting are, as with most PBS programming, outstanding. The re-creations are moving, especially given the almost total lack of dialog from the actors. The quality is exceptional.”

    Abraham Lincoln Blog
  • “Her story is fascinating, but the controversy over her memoir is equally amazing. After viewing ‘Rebel,’ you will be left pondering how history is written, what we know, and why. Which is exactly what writer and director Maria Agui Carter wants us to do.”

    Viva La Feminista Blog
  • “REBEL… weaves together a captivating hour- long documentary that successfully lifts the veil of mystery that has shrouded its subject for nearly 150 years and rightfully restores her place in history alongside her sisters in uniform.”

    Civil War Notebook
  • “María Agui Carter’s film is beautifully directed and the major battle scenes are worthy of blockbuster feature period films.”

    Latin Heat
  • “REBEL explores the mysterious story of Loreta Velasquez, a Cuban immigrant who secretly served as a soldier during the Civil War, but her story has been erased from the history books.”

  • “Rebel starts out interesting and gets even better… her message can’t be stilled, nor her courage.”

    NY Daily News

Here you will find news and blog articles about REBEL.  Journalists go to “ABOUT” page for the Electronic Press Kit (EPK) link to download printable and blog photos, bios, etc.

Past in the Present Blog

“The program suggests that her autobiography offered a challenge to the society in which she lived, not only because she stretched the truth but also because of who she was—a Hispanic woman involved in the business of war and espionage who was determined... Read More

The Christian Science Monitor

“REBEL:  A fascinating new documentary about Loreta Velazquez, one of about a thousand women who secretly served as soldiers during the American Civil War.”  Christian Science Monitor Staff Picks, May 17, 2013   Top Picks: An HBO documentary on public art, Otis’s daughter... Read More

Bajo el Sol

“Con escenas dramatizadas de la increíble historia de Loreta tejidas magníficamente con material de archivo y comentarios históricos, REBEL explora la compleja historia de una mujer, un mito y la política de la memoria nacional.” Bajo el Sol Presentan documental sobre Loreta Velázquez... Read More


“with the nation in the midst of a modern war and also half-way through the sesquicentennial for the Civil War in which Loretta fought, its focus on a woman warrior gives {REBEL} a relevance and appeal that goes beyond the normal target audience... Read More


“The documentary … explores the secret life of a Cuban immigrant from New Orleans, a soldier and woman whose name is not common in history books or in the average American household.” VOXXI article By Daysi Calavia-Lopez ‘Rebel’ the true story of Cuban-American... Read More
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